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Welcome to Gute Gräs

We have been dedicated turf growers for over 30 years with production and sales of high quality ready made lawn.

The turf comes from the seed KickOff-Special *** and is suitable for general family lawns as well as Golf tees, recreational areas, general landscapes.

Orders and delivery

Our turf can be collecte or delivered within three days from ordering.

Please note, if cancellation takes place after 16.00 the day before delivery, the customer is still liable for payment of the order. If we can sell all or part of the order to another client, the customer will pay for the part remaining.

We ask customers to inspect the turf when it arrives and notify us of any problems within 24 hours of delivery as we do not accept any liability for defects that occur after this time has lapsed. The turf should be laid the day it arrives to ensure healthy establishment. This is crucial in the summer when high temperatures cause the turf to deteriorate rapidly if left rolled up.

Preparation and Laying

Please see the link belowe:

Gardeners World – How to lay turf/lawn

Note that other information in the link, as the best time to lay the lawn and so on, may not apply to Gotland


Your new turf needs plenty of water as soon as it is laid, at least watering for 5 hours the same day.  Then water the turf daily for the first two weeks and then gradually reduce the frequency of watering.

When can I walk on my new turf?

The first two weeks the turf must develop the root system and grow onto the soil. After that you can walk gently on the lawn, but wait one month until you release the dogs and children that will run around.

Please contact us for more information.